‘Lady Macbeth’ Nominated for European Discovery Award EFA 2017

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‘Lady Macbeth’ produced by Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly, is nominated for the European Discovery 2017 Award - Prix FIPRESCI - to be presented at the European Film Awards in December. The award presented to a young and upcoming director for a first full-length feature film.

This year’s nominations were determined by a committee comprised of EFA Board Member Angeles González-Sinde (Spain), EFA Member Mihai Chirilov (Romania), and Isabelle Danel (France), Robbie Eskiel (Greece) and Michael Pattison (UK) as representatives of FIPRESCI, the International Federation of Film Critics.

Nominated are:

  • ‘Bloody Milk’ (dir. Hubert Charuel)
  • ‘Godless’ (Dir Ralitza Petrova)
  • ‘Lady Macbeth’ (Dir William Oldroyd)
  • ‘Summer 1993’ (dir Carla Simón)
  • ‘The Eremites’ (Dir Ronny Trocker)
Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly